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(Pro-cars In Action) This page is dedicated to pro-cars being used after their retirement from the funeral industry. (Click images for respective websites)
The MVD Ghostchasers are one of the original three paranormal organizations in Arizona still in operation under the same director and team for nearly 14 years. The team was founded in 1995 and based out of Mesa, Az. They take their paranormal investigations seriously, but are not against making ghost-hunting fun, too. This group has team members who are experts in spirit photography, EVP and experienced in the latest studies and technology of the paranormal field. They follow paranormal protocol guidelines seriously, which makes them one of the most credible and valued teams in Arizona and the United States. Several members of the team are historians, authors and lecturers who enjoy sharing their ghostly encounters and paranormal experiences through the years. The leader and founder of the crew, Debe Branning, has organized investigations, seminars and lectures and has arranged several haunted road trips across the state and beyond. They offer quarterly Spirit Photography Workshops for Arizona's paranormal investigators and beginning ghost hunters. This keeps them busy year round.

Debe Branning, is not only the founder of the MVD Ghostchasers, but she is also a writer. She has published two books so far. A paranormal investigation book; Ever want to stay overnight in a haunted hotel? These haunted establishments are worth checking into, but remember when you do that you could be sharing a room with the spirit of someone who has never checked out! Buy sleeping with ghosts for $12.95.

Chickolet Pigolet has the task of finding a perfect place for the Chowdertown Halloween Party and Dance. He locates an old mansion rumored to be haunted by Dr. Frankenbeans who disappeared many years before. By accident, Chickolet discovers an exciting new tourist attraction for the town and solves the mystery of Dr. Frankenbeans, too. Buy the book from $5.00 to $7.95 depending on if you buy the PDF file, eBook or paperback.

(Click on each book to go to respective websites to purchase each book.)

Debe is also a writer for the Phoenix Examiner, you can subscribe to her online column here.

We have been doing stunts like this for over 10 years. Though they are not the crazy jumps like the TV shows, we do what we can to see just how long a car can last while abusing it. Sometimes without the essential fluids to keep them going, just to see if they will make it. Most of our cars are sold to us dirt cheap or donated. Because they are one step from going to the scrap yard, just getting these cars to run is a story in itself. Our goal in the near future is to do a road trip with 4 cars or more to as many states as we can, while meeting new people all over the country, while testing these cars well beyond their mechanical limits. Our goal is to figure out just how much abuse a vehicle can take. We will not stop until we figure out just how much that could be! You're welcome to stay a while and enjoy from the safety of your home! We want to hear from you, message us with ideas you have on how to test a vehicle to the max! If you see a hearse towing a car, chances are it is us and we have destroyed another.

We rent 100% authentic caskets for your party. These are the same caskets as the ones used in funeral homes - metal caskets, as well as real Oak, too. We have "Casket Coolers" that can hold over 300 lbs of ice and up to four full-size kegs! We also have furnished caskets with complete lined interiors. We rent these for your weekend party or rent them out for a month.

Turn your party into a memorable one with your drinks chilled "on ice" in a casket/coffin. Make an entrance with six of your friends carrying you in on their shoulders as you lie in the casket. Surprise that 40-year-old with a grim casket waiting for him/her. Or use it for unforgettable novelty photos of the guests! Think of all the things you could do with a casket at your next party! (Please only one person in it at a time... you freaks)

We also rent out (for display purposes only) a custom-built Coffin Car. This is a custom-built fully-drivable Coffin-bodied car, a real eye-catcher for advertising and photo ops! Attract more customers to your haunted house with this vehicle out front or even inside! Contact us now for early reservations on upcoming holidays. Or browse our inventory for more details about all your options.

Cryptic Illusions is a premiere Haunted Attraction featuring two seperate haunts. The Crypt and the Asylum, both located at Rawhide in Chandler, Az.

Faded Daze, high energy classic rock band.

I'm (Tommy Gunn) the drummer/lead singer, Earl the Animal is the rythum/2nd vocal, Kevin (Master) lead guitar, Rick (slicky Ricky) bass. Our music is based on the 60's to the early 90's, like Judist Preist, Ozzy, BTO, Motley Crue, Dio, Meloncamp, Tommy 2 Tone, Kiss, Metalica & so on. We keep a wide range to try and please everyone.

Devil's Workshop Custom Drums is based out of Arizona and was founded in 2003. Our mission is to provide the sickest designs and the finest quality high-end drums around. We take pride in our craft and strive to keep it unique and artistic. We combine the classic drum building craftsmanship of the past with modern day design, materials, construction and hardware. We hand-finish our drum shell interiors while the majority of drum companies leave the interior raw. We feel that finishing the inside of the shell enhances tone and increases projection, making it well worth the additional effort. We also hand-polish our bearing edges for optimum tone as well as more consistent and faster tuning. As a standard our drums come with 8 ply shells for loud situations in which extra attack and volume is preferred. The inner shell of all our drums come with the Devil's Workshop seal of hand craftsmanship and the date of the drums production. This signifies our attention to detail and classic craftsmanship in the tradition of the great drums of the past. We pride ourselves in the quality of our materials, craftsmanship, unique appearance and of course, the sound of the drums we make. The end results are drums that possess superior strength and sound as sick as they look.