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Special Events & News: New, 1 ounce keychain flasks from KFC. These are 3 3/4 inches tall, 1 1/4 inches wide and 3/4's of an inch deep. Picture doesn't show the keychain top. Back of flask has KFC website. These are $30 each, shipping within U.S. is included in price. (Email for international shipping quote) Limited Edition, Limited Quantity.
Order your 2014 Haunted Hearses Calendar with 3 hearses and members from KFC. Click image below for purchasing link, calendars are $13:
KFC is proud to sponsor Metal Nation Radio and Audio Sauna
Part 1 Part 2 Freakshow Rap Video by Da Beast filmed in Casa Grande, Az. Featuring Soul Taker and Caramedic provided by and an appearance of the Cremator. Video produced by Carlos Berber
Rollin' Rap Video by Da Beast filmed in Casa Grande, Az. featuring Grimm the Hearse. Video produced by Marz Motion. Click the hearse image to see the video
Kaos' Funeral Cars Mission: It is not the goal of KFC to replace, to be better than or be in competition with other hearse clubs from around the world. KFC is designed to aid the pro-car driver and inform the general public about pro-cars use and history. Kaos' Funeral Cars Affliations: KFC also works with and assists the MVD Ghostchasers in Arizona. Assisting with hearse use and going on paranormal investigations. KFC is a proud member of the National Hearse & Ambulance Association. KFC has an active forum on the NHAA board.
Do you own a hearse, flower car, limo, ambulance or a morbid/dark vehicle? Click on the picture below to become a member of KFC: